Reliable CAF sources have?hinted that Ghana will be banned for 2 years?after separate MRI results proved that two of?its U-17 players were involved in an age?cheating scandal.


Cameroon protested?against 7 Starlets and two were confirmed to?have failed the CAF MRI tests. It is likely the?country could be suspended from competing?in all the age category competitions namely?U17, U20 and U23 for the next two years.

In the application of the Article 37 of the CAF?regulations, particularly Paragraph 2 which?states: ?For any administrative error in the?matter of the players? registration or date of?birth without deliberate intention, the?concerned association shall be suspended for?two years from all the age category?competitions of CAF.? Source goes on to say?that the GFA have been communicated with?the ruling and have decided to appeal the?decision. Waiting for details and?confirmations.


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