The group said this in press release it issued ahead of the June 4 Celebrations.

June 4
June 4

According to the group, it was during that period that Ghana needed brave men and women to rescue the nation from the shackles of moral and economic decadence, impunity and indiscipline during the Supreme Military Councils’ (SMC I and II) era, “it took some junior officers and men of the Ghana Armed Forces, led by Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, to embark on a house-cleaning exercise before ushering Ghana into the 3rd Republic on 24thSeptember, 1979.”

The Uprising is commemorated every year, through wreath-laying ceremonies, to also re-emphasize the need to uphold these values that are a necessary requirement in the bid to build a society to provide equal opportunities, stability and development for all, as we honor the memory of our fallen compatriots.

While some people think the commemoration has lost its relevance and therefore should be confined to history, adherents of the process and patriots of the land think and feel that it is still very relevant in the sense that, during that period, the spirit and soul of the nation wasre-ignited.

The sense of self-sacrifice, voluntarism standing up for ones rights and the abhorrence for corruption, which characterized the period is needed even now more than ever before.
So therefore, in the current political dispensation where people have become individualistic, self-centred and non-charlant about issues of national importance, apart from those that bother on materialism and parochial political interests, there is the need to remind Ghanaians that, some peoplebrought an awakening to the entirety of Ghanaians to stand up and be counted.

“As we commemorate this year’s anniversary, cadres of the process would want patriots to think Ghana first, be more nationalistic in ourdealings to eschew and expose all forms of corruption. Let us rededicate ourselves to Ghana as we together, journey along the democratic path we have chosen for ourselves as the means of governance in this country.’ the statement said.



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