A cadre of the 31st December 1981 Revolution, has described as ?misplaced?, the fierce criticisms against the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, over his recent comments about the current national energy crisis.wpid-Pastor1.jpg

Reverend Daniel Gyasi Ankrah, former Greater Accra Regional Co-ordinator of the defunct Peoples Defence Committees and the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution, said every Ghanaian has the right to contribute towards the national debate about the socio-economic impact of the power crisis and ?I do not see where Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey got it wrong by expressing his views?.

A statement issued in Accra on Tuesday and copied to Ghana News Agency, he said: ?I view as unfortunate the naked attack and usage of bad language directed at the Presbyterian Moderator and Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana.?

The statement said the energy crisis popularly referred to as ?dumsor- dumsor? has affected the very fabric of the Ghanaian society and ?how can a Moderator become a ?bigot?, lose the ?wisdom of God? or be a subversionist overnight because he contributed to the issue and offered solutions to the way forward during a sermon at the Akyem Old Tafo Grace congregation of his church??

It said a leading member of the national executive of the ruling National Democratic Congress was even more radical when he was quoted in the media that government could lose the 2016 general election if the dumsor-dumsor persist.

?The rampant power outage, which is affecting both domestic and commercial activities is the common worry of all, irrespective of one?s social standing or affiliation. In fact it has led to debates, criticisms, both destructive and constructive in a bid to stir the ruling government to help fix the problem.

?Professor Martey is the head of one of the biggest church organisations of the country and commands a large following that can trace their daily source of revenue into the very economy now threatened by the power outage.

?One cannot doubt that the Professor does not act on his own. He may have brains that he consults. He is an Academician and a Theologian. One should not treat the Professor as a non-entity,? the statement said.

The statement said the condemnation on the part of the attackers could seem right for they are either protecting government or saying their mind, but it behooves every Ghanaian to contribute towards the national debate by using the appropriate language and mindful of the essence of decorum and the negative influence of reckless talk on the mass media especially radio have on the society particularly children.


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