B*Witched with their denim outfits
B*Witched with their denim outfits

B*Witched singer Lindsay Armaou got emotional when she gave away her ‘Jesse Hold On’ denim jacket to a Jeans for Genes auction because she loves the garment so much, but is delighted to be able to help out the charity.


The brunette beauty – who reunited with her fellow band members on ‘The Big Reunion’ – is delighted to be able to help out charity Jeans for Genes by giving away the special jacket, which she wore in the video for the 1999 hit single, but she was also secretly sad to say goodbye to the garment.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I’ve given away my ‘Jesse Hold On’ outfit from the video and it’s my favourite outfit. It’s so detailed with all the embroidery with all the jewels and gems that have been stitched on by hand, it’s a lovely outfit.

“There was a little tear in my eye when I was handing it over.

“But I know it’s for a good cause.”

As well as Lindsay’s jacket, her fellow band members, Sinead O’Carroll and twins Keavy and Edele Lynch are also donating some of their favourite denim pieces from the 1990s along with VIP backstage packages – including a meet and greet – for one of their highly anticipated ‘Big Reunion’ shows.

While Lindsay admits the group – who were renowned for wearing double denim outfits in the 1990s – could change their style going forward, she hopes they still keep a bit of the material in their look.

She added: “We’ve embraced the denim 100 per cent for ‘The Big Reunion’ tour and in terms of nostalgia and everything. But moving forward I would imagine we would change our look a little bit.

“Personally, I think we should keep a little bit of denim in there. It’s just such a trademark, people really associate denim with us so it would seem a bit weird if we completely got rid of it.

“There should definitely be some elements of denim in there I’d say.”

The B*Witched denim auction closes on Sunday (11.08.13) at eBay.co.uk/sellyourjeans.


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