B*Witched have joked there should not be any new groups on ‘The Big Reunion’ because it will be impossible to find better bands than the six which featured this year.

Lindsay Armaou – who is in the girl group with Sinead O’Carroll and twins Keavy and Edele Lynch – joked the ITV2 programme, on which their comeback was documented this year, will struggle to find better bands to feature than them, Five, Atomic Kitten, Honeyz, Blue and 911, so they shouldn’t bother.

Speaking exclusively told BANG Showbiz, she quipped: “I don’t think they should pick six more bands to go on ‘The Big Reunion’ – it should be us the whole time!

“I do hear they are looking at more bands for next year. But I think they will struggle to find a group as good as ours.

“The second series of our lot is coming out in the autumn and then we’ve got the second leg of our tour coming up in December so we’re not done yet.”

While the brunette beauty admits there was some doubt about whether series latecomers Blue should have been allowed to gatecrash ‘The Big Reunion’ party, Lindsay insists the show would not have been as good without them.

She added: “There was a little bit of uncertainty about Blue coming in, firstly because they were coming in towards the end of rehearsals when we’d done a lot of hard work and poured our hearts out to the cameras.

“So we thought, ‘Blue are going to come in at the end of it and suddenly be a part of it?’ So there was a little bit of resistance based on that really.

“But because Blue are such a great band and are such lovely guys as well, after the first day that feeling was gone and it was like, ‘You guys are so part of this, this is meant to be.’ “


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