When we are talking about the business iPhone application development we generally think about the automation of some parts of your business processes and get connected with staff and customers through various means and manage business remotely.

Apart from these common needs we can go for extensive iPhone business application development which is leading us to use modern concept of cloud to make your life bit easy by getting safe and rapid services through your iPhone application. Among the many aspects of business point-of-sale is important one for the vital growth of the business. Traditionally we are running brick-and-mortar stores using in-store point-of -sale services system that pose many constraints in smooth operations in modern mobile friendly society.

If we use cloud based point-of-sale version of iPhone application developed through effective iPhone programming gives you lots of advantages against the traditional system. The biggest advantage of this cloud-based system is the data access as you can get live sale data using iPhone app development creating customized application that  can bring these all live sale data at your fingertips wherever you want to access and at any time. If you are running web-based reporting  you can get instant reports from anywhere.

Next big advantage is the upgrade with latest technologies in cloud-based iPhone app since your service provider will keep you on the top of the new technologies and security requirements so you can get all futuristic features and functionality in your operations, off course, your iPhone apps development must be done futuristic ways so you can implement new technologies instantly without much hassles.

Another big advantage is the easy integration so you can integrate many promotional incentives like loyalty programs, gift cards, coupons, payment and rewards seamlessly into cloud platform that is not possible with Windows-based point-of-sale system.

When we are talking about the Windows-based point-of-sale system people are now realizing the cost of malicious attaches of viruses on Windows and consequently re-installation of Windows and all other programs, drivers, etc. that finally cost in time and money.

Recently, big players like MasterCard, Visa and American express have declared that they will return the amount used by stolen cards, but only for those who use latest card acceptance technologies so all Windows-based merchants have to upgrade their system. This is easy for the cloud-base iPhone application development because with SaaS model technology upgrade is easy and happens in routine.

In traditional system of point-of-sale you have to pay upfront for the license fees per registration and maintenance fees extra that is nearly 20%. if you are not satisfy with it you have to lost the upfront payment. Whereas in cloud-based system you have to pay only monthly payment and nothing in advance. Moreover, SaaS system is taking regular upgrades of technologies, backups and offer extensive support so you are free to left them at any moment if you are not satisfy with them.

It is true that it is difficult to migrate from traditional system to cloud-based system, but through effective iPhone application programming you can do that easily with the support of smart and experienced iPhone application programmers.

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