Following the untimely death of the father of the nation, ex-president John Evans Atta Mills, a visit to some part of the Tamale Metropolis revealed that business and companies have bounced back to track making sales like it used to be.

It can be recalled that the demise of president Mills took the entire nation by storm as it affects the some indigenous people engaged in farming at subsistence level. Both retail and wholesale trading is now growing so fast as to be phenomenal.

Currently, the municipality produces some industrial crops such as rice, cotton, groundnuts, sheanuts and beans, especially soya beans.
Some of these crops are processed locally and the semi-finished products exported out of the region. These crops are produced in large quantities and so Tamale municipality plays host to some companies which process these agricultural goods into finished goods for the market.

During the one day tour, The Moment has established that the only way of survival to the people who live outside the regional capital of the Northern Region, Tamale, is mainly farming.

A representative of Nasia Riice Company who spoke to the investigative team on a condition of anonymity said, The Company has the capacity to mill all the rice produced in the north to meet international standards but has liquidity problems at the moment and is therefore producing below its installed capacity.

Investors, both local and foreign, can therefore enter partnership with the company to provide capital with which to raise capacity to its fullest.

Some of the factories that operate in the Region expressed readiness to co-operate with other well meaning agencies that are willing to do business with them in order to make massive development, as compared the profit they are making currently.


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