obama government shudown

The US government reopens for business Thursday after a two-week shutdown and a dangerous flirt with running out of cash to pay its bills and avert a calamitous, unprecedented default. The return to normality came after Congress passed and President Barack Obama quickly signed a Senate-crafted compromise bill that followed weeks of tumultuous debate.

Asian stocks rose amid the global sigh of relief, although European shares dipped in early trading.

The deal left conservative Republicans who were blamed for the shutdown heaped in scorn and with virtually no concessions to show for their effort, much less their original goal of derailing Obama?s signature domestic achievement, the health care reform known widely as ?Obamacare?.

Hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers who had gone unpaid had orders to report back to the office.arks prepared to reopen their gates as did and monuments and museums, like the popular Smithsonian ones along vast green expanse called the Mall, not far from the White House. The measure passed late Wednesday with less than two hours to go until the day the Treasury had warned it no longer had authority to incur more debt. (AFP)


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