Members of the joint commission in charge of border demarcation between Burundi and Tanzania met Monday in Burundian capital Bujumbura to expedite the border demarcation process to meet the African Union (AU) deadline set for 2017.

African Union headquarters
African Union headquarters

Representatives of partners including the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the AU attended the meeting aimed to mobilize funds in order to finalize the work before the AU deadline.
“We have met to discuss the achievements already made and the way forward. Our financial partners have accepted to finance our activities on border demarcation between Burundi and Tanzania,” said Brigadier General Ildephonse Habarurema, chairman of the commission on Burundi side.
He said he is sure that the border demarcation will meet the AU deadline before 2017 with the financial aid promised.
According to Habarurema, everything is in place for the demarcation of the border between Burundi and Tanzania.
“The only challenge we are facing is that the 450 km long border from the north in the province of Muyinga to the south in the province of Makamba is a hilly terrain. Thus, it is not easy to set up demarcation terminals,” said Habarurema.
According to him, members of the joint commission mandated to determine the border demarcation between Burundi and Tanzania are going to deploy to the field to explain to the citizens on borders about the necessity of the work.
The outdated border demarcation was done in 1924 during the colonial period.
The demarcation is aimed at complying with an AU deadline for African states to have determined their borders by 2017 to avoid possible conflicts. Enditem



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