National Assembly deputy Speaker Job Ndugai

The Parliamentary Committee on Community Services is on Monday expected to meet representatives of workers in the health sector to deliberate on the ongoing doctors’ strike.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Job Ndugai, has directed the committee to meet the doctors and the government and present a report in the House as soon as possible.

The Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) Vice- President, Dr Primus Saidia, told ‘Daily News’ on Sunday that his association would participate in the meeting as one of the stakeholders. Dr Saidia said the association was prepared to air its views and would carefully listen to other participants including the committee and come out with the lasting solution.

“We received a call from the committee’s secretary yesterday (Saturday) informing us that tomorrow (today) we are going to meet them over the doctors’ strike. “Unfortunately we were not told where and what time. However, we are ready to meet them and cooperate,” he said.

He said MAT would not present anything new during the talks since everything has already been presented to the relevant authorities including the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare far back in 2010. Dr Saidia noted that MAT was not in the position to prevent doctors from striking because the association has not been involved in the strike since the beginning.

He said the association was invited as one of the stakeholders in the today’s meeting.

By DORA TESHA, Tanzania Daily News


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