The Uvhungu-Vhungu Irrigation Project, one of Namibia’s substantial irrigation schemes in the Kavango East region, northern Namibia, is projected to yield above 10,000 tonnes of sweet potatoes, said project manager Mwanza Mavuto Monday.

“The manual harvesting has commenced and we have 42 casual workers hard at work harvesting the sweet potatoes despite its cumbersome process, to ensure that we meet our target required by Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency to which we supply the sweet potatoes,” said Mavuto.

The sweet potatoes were produced from a sizeable 4.5 hectares of land of the project’s total 400 hectares. The rest of the land is planted with maize, which was not spared by pests attacking the crops in northern parts of the country.

In the interim, to improve productivity, plans are underway for an overhaul of the irrigation project following its upgrade, which is at an advanced stage.

“We are having a lot of developments including that of a greenhouse and others, which are nearly completed. With the revamp, we will be able to increase the scale of production in horticulture as well,” he said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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