Papa Shotto!

They were there at the genesis of hiplife. I am sure a lot of people no longer remember or has never really known about the fact that Buk Bak of recent ?KOLOM? Fame started as a trio. Well, we?re taking you down memory lane, when the group recorded their first studio album ?Komi K? Kena? in 1998, they were made up of Bright, Ronnie and Isaac Shoetan(Papa Shotto).

Just as it has been with groups, one never really gets to know the truth about a break up or if you like; the group members decision to carry out solo projects. However in the case of BukBak, we are reliably informed about how Papa Shotto who has for some time now laid back from the industry was ditched.

?I traveled to school so I wasn?t around most of the times. The remaining group members embezzled the group?s fund which I got to know of it on my return to Ghana. Even though we recorded ?Kolom? together in Atlanta, they deleted my vocals from the song because I raised concerns about the embezzled funds again?.

Papa Shotto further told us how the group BUK  Bak was formed. He explains, after meeting Bright and subsequently connecting with Ronnie positively at a show at ATTC, he named the group BukBak which means ?RESERVATION FOR LAST PERFORMANCES?.

They had their first deal with ABIB RECORDS which cooked the album that produced unforgettable songs like Komi Ke Kena, Akwasi Broni, Chingilingi, Yaa Asantewaa, Odo, Sweet Kokomlemle.

Asked if he will consider a re-union with his mates, he said for the sake of Ghanaian music i would give them another chance under the right circumstances and paper work signed, Shoetan stated.

He also tells us about his upcoming projects which will be hitting us soon. We have an eye on this guy and we will follow him closely to bring you what he got.

Source: hypegh


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