With God all things are possible believers will say but this will be echoed most by the music group Buk Bak after the huge success chalked by their comeback and hit track Kolom.

The group, made up of Bright Boateng (Blinks Sparkles) and Ronny Coaches, said although their fans advised them to do what they have always been doing over the years, “all the credit will go to God first and foremost,” the ‘religious’ Bright declared in an interview with Myjoyonline.com.

They however disclosed that they individually fasted and prayed to God for the success of the album. Bright fasted for two weeks while Rodney fasted for three days.

“Bright’s own was very serious,” Ronny disclosed, adding, “I did like three days or so but he (Bright) did it for two weeks no water, no food.”

Bright who said the fasting was “necessary” acknowledged that they have also enjoyed a lot of “spiritual support from Prophetess Lehem of Zetaheal Mission Church, she’s been very instrumental in our comeback and a lot of people [also] influenced our comeback.”

They are currently basking in their historic comeback, last year, after a seven-year absence.

Before they parted ways, as a group, Buk Bak thrilled Ghana with popular tunes such as Kome Ke Kena, U 4 Know, Akwasi broni, Trotro and a host of others.

They said they are here to stay urging their fans to expect a lot of surprises from them.

By: Myjoyonline.com.


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