Neo-colonialism is when you wake up everyday and there is one or more updates on your android phone to upgrade.


In our quest to be abreast with current trends in technological breakthroughs and phone applications, we tend to upgrade every single application on our phones. Most of us do so thinking that it is free. It could cost you as much as three to five cedis on one download or upgrade on most applications.

How many of us know this?
How many of us are willing to quit or stop using such applications? Can we live without them? No we can’t!
Now that is neo-colonialism

Bill gates gets richer every second more than two or more African states put together. Mark Zuckerberg?of facebook and whatsapp fame is a million dollars richer everyday because we can’t live without what he has brought to us.
Now that’s neo-colonialism

We loose bags of cement every week to social media on bundle purchases without knowing what we are doing to ourselves… we loose our wives or husbands because of the too much attention we give to our phones just because of social media… and now that’s neo-colonialism.

We miss prayers, we miss lectures, we miss school and fail exams because of social media. And now that is neo-colonialism.

We get more information about the west and East more than we get of Africa. We know more footballers and football of the British people more than we know of our individual countries… and now! That is neo-colonialism.

Nkrumah said we are non aligned and that we neither face West nor East but now unfortunately we are the best facebookers always facing both East and West at the same time.

We face East and West at the same time for loans to pay loans. Little do we know that we built their economies with our cocoa, gold, timber and other natural resources… and that is neo-colonialism.

We built their economies with our blood and sweat through slavery. Now we are even building it more through the unsuspecting contributions we make through the purchase of applications everyday.

We cannot stop because we know and think we cannot stop! And now! Slavery just got worse! Welcome the new form of colonialism.

Today, we cannot leave without our phones and I believe Nkrumah saw this coming when he talked about the new forms of colonialism.

Welcome to facebook, whatsapp, instagram et al and anything android.

Welcome neo-colonialism!

Abdul Hanan Mohammed El-Saeed
[email protected]


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