Bui dam officials deny “Maame Water” reports

Officials of the Bui Power Athority have dismissed reports that they have captured a mermaid, known in local parlance as ‘Maame Water’ at the Bui project site.

According to the officials, no such strange being has been found at the area, neither has there been any destruction of work being done at the Dam site.

News broke over the weekend that a mermaid or “Maame Water” was reportedly trapped and caught alive at Bui, where the Bui Hydro Electric Dam is currently under construction.

Eyewitness accounts claimed the strange mammal had a human head and very long whitish hair with two crawling forelimbs like a lizard and snakelike lower body.

But the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Bui Power Authority, Gabriel Apatu, described the rumours as a fabrication since nothing of the nature had occurred in the river.

Mr. Apatu stressed that no such creature had been sited, let alone captured, at the Project site. “There has been no damage to the bridge being constructed as part of the Project, or any other property for that matter, at the Project site due to this creature”, he stated.

According to him works on the construction of the main dam is ongoing and currently about 90% complete. A permanent bridge, which is being constructed downstream of the dam across the Black Volta River to link the Brong Ahafo and Northern Regions, is also about 80% complete.

He therefore assured the general public that personnel working on the Project are safe and are continuing their work diligently.

Source: Joy Online

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