Jainism is the Hindu religion which follows the path of non-violence and peace. Practice of Jain religion is an effort to divert the soul towards divine consciousness. The main pilgrimage of Jain religion is located at Ranakpur. Rankapur is located in Rajasthan’s Pali district. It is also one of the most popular destinations of Rajasthan. The place is renowned all across the globe because of its beautiful sculptures. The history and marble carving captivates followers from all across the sphere to Ranakpur.

With an increase in tourism, budget hotels in Ranakpur are also mounting. These hotels provide you the best facilities that suit everyone’s pocket. Spacious rooms, traditional furniture, good food, quality service etc. are facilities that budget hotels in Ranakpur offer. Tourists who come to visit the pilgrimage of the place get a different relishing experience.

Because Ranakpur is located in the valley of Aravalli Hills, this landscape is beautiful and soothing to eyes. Hilly areas of this destination are beyond comparison.

There are various tourist places in Ranakpur. Sun Temple, Chaumukha temple, Amba Mata temple and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the most popular places of visit of this exotic destination. Sun Temple is dedicated to Lord Sun. It represents vastu and Indian ancient sculptures at its best. The temple was constructed in 13th century. There are various pillars in the temple premises. Every pillar offers different sculptures as no one is similar to another.

Chaumuka temple is another famous tourist place in Ranakpur. The temple is dedicated to Jain religion. The temple houses 24 pillared halls, 80 domes supported by 400 columns.

The most interesting part is that all the pillars offer different carving. These pillars tend to change color from pale golden in the day to blue during the evening.

Apart from these temples in Ranakpur, Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary also attracts travelers. It is named after Kumbalgarh fort. The sanctuary covers 578 square kilometer. It is a home of various species. One who visits this sanctuary enjoys the finest experience of wildlife. It seems that god has himself designed Ranakpur’s beauty. In the past, Ranakpur was lost in the pages of history but Rajasthan government discovered it. Now the government is committed to promote it to make it a travelers’ paradise. For this, budget hotels in Ranakpur are playing a vital role. People traveling to Ranakpur prefer these hotels as they offer a lot more than just a shelter.

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