The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) has urged Ghanaians to be patriotic, and let the interest of the nation to be paramount in every endeavor for national development.

Reverend Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG attributed the causes of indiscipline to poor leadership adding that it behoves on all leaders to be responsible in their duties, and serve the nation wholeheartedly, devoid of any parochial interest.

Making the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on the upcoming Bible Week celebration slated for February,

Rev Odonkor said the week has been celebrated in the country since 1968, to thank God for the availability of the Bible, and to draw attention to the centrality of the word of God.

He added that the Bible Week is celebrated to promote unity in diversity among churches, discuss the relevance of the scriptures, and raise funds to support the operations of the society.

He said the Bible Week is celebrated in the first or second week of February in each year, and is celebrated in partnership with Churches spearheaded by the Local Council of Churches.

Rev Odonkor said the theme for this year, ?The Bible and National Life,? is to enable the Church and individuals to reflect on God?s favour and protection for the country, and the need to be united by the Bible and reliance on God .

He said the theme is necessary because all are encouraged to respect institutions that have been put in place to safeguard national unity, as well as pray for divine wisdom for those in government,  to facilitate national cohesion.

Rev Odonkor said Christians are encouraged by the theme to protect the environment for the survival of the country, by taking care of God?s creation and work hard to maintain its beauty and contribute towards economic prosperity at all levels of national life.

He appealed to religious leaders to be worthy examples to the public, and be the voice for the voiceless, by speaking the truth at all times, irrespective of their political affiliation.

?The Bible speaks against rulers who are living for their own selfish interest,? he pointed out.

Rev Odonkor said religious leaders are encouraged to preach the word of God to save souls, and therefore urged religious leaders to continue to pray for the nation to develop and grow from strength to strength.

He said there is still hope for the country provided all spheres of leaders are ready to make amends by doing what is right as children of God, because people in authority are to   serve, and not to be served, thus portraying the mark of humility.

Rev Odonkor said the society had produced 100,000 copies of Bibles in English, 60,000 copies in Asante T wi, 25,000 copies in Ewe, 20,000 copies in Akuapem, 15,000 copies in Ga and 30,000 in Fante, Dangme,Nzema, Dagbani and Esahie.

He urged members to be prayer partners, and promote the celebration of the Bible week in their various Churches to ensure the success of the celebration.

He said Christians are expected to pray for national unity, and urged leaders to avoid actions that would threaten national cohesion.

The BSG is a non-denominational Christian organization with voluntary membership from individual Christians affiliated to the United Bible Societies which translate, publish and distribute at affordable prices the Holy Scriptures.

Source: GNA


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