For some time now, Mark Ronson?s Uptown Funk has stayed on the number one spot of international music chart lists. The 4:31 seconds video which was released in 2014 video from the album, Uptown Special, was released on Youtube in November 2014, and as at press time, had already garnered a whooping468,788,506 views.

The single was a commercial success, spending thirteen weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, seven weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart, and topped the charts in several other countries including Australia, Canada, France, Ireland and New Zealand. In the last week of January 2015, the song was streamed a record 2.34 million times in a single week in the United Kingdom. Uptown Funk also set a new record for the highest number of streams in one week in America, with 4.8 million streams. In 2015, it won the British Award for British Single of the Year.

So, let?s take a look at what makes this Ronson?s video tick.

We all know funk is an old genre of music so, bringing it back, this time in colours and fun that it caught the much desired attention of the younger generation, is a plus.

The song opens with the scene of a stunning lady strolling by. Standing on the street, was Ronson and his dance team, all decked up in old school yet cool outfits.

The choreography all through the video is dope. They got good attitude to the song too.

The location for the song was also on point; old patterned houses, old school cars and wall papers, typical of a street funk.
Yes, the most part of the video took place on the street yet, the fact that they didn?t stay on a particular spot, but used different street scenes, is creative.

Check, most old school outfits were usually baggy yet, Ronson and his crew?s costumes, although were old school yet, smart, which is what I think makes the video more appealing to new generation viewers.

Nice beat and sound choice too, just as expected in a funk song. The pictures are clear perfect as well.

Appropriate voice ranges and tones. The trumpet was also at its best pitch there.

And then translating from the street scenes to the club, is just as appropriate and was expected.

The lighting right from the streets, to the club is in its right volume.

However, the only fallout the video has is that, the crew didn?t have a change of costume as they moved from the street scene to the club; they had on same outfits all through.

A simple, yet classy video. Fairly good video

I score it 8/10.

Video timing: 4:31 sec

Producer: Mark Ronson


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