Reports indicate Floyd ?Money? Mayweather could have his last fight in September broadcast for free in a positive publicity spin

Floyd Mayweather Jr.?s unanimous win over Manny Pacquiao in May shattered the pay-per-view record with 4.4 million buys of the Showtime-HBO joint broadcast. But for what could be Mayweather?s final fight, CBS is apparently in play.

A source told that Mayweather has trimmed his list of possible opponents for the final fight of his Showtime contract, set for September, and that the fight could very well bebroadcast live for free on CBS.

Showtime is owned by CBS, so the possibility that Mayweather could forgo pay-per-view proceeds is a definite possibility.

And considering the outrage from those who paid for what some considered a boring fight just two months ago, it?s unlikely the pay-per-view numbers would rival those of the Pacquiao fight.

A live fight on broadcast television would also allow Mayweather to say farewell to the sport without charging every viewer nearly $100. And let?s face it, Mayweather?s image could use a positive spin.

According to the source, an announcement regarding Mayweather?s September bout could be made this week.

Credit: CBS


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