Big Results Now (BRN)
Big Results Now (BRN)

The IRP is one of the critical steps in the Big Results Now delivery methodology. It comprises international panel members from various distinguished backgrounds and expertise, tasked to provide independent, external perspective on the BRN programme?s methodology, strategic direction and implementation progress dates.

Big Results Now (BRN)
Big Results Now (BRN)

In reviewing progress in the first year, the panel noted that the NKRAs made commendable progress in the key initiatives outlined in the first year and appreciated the frankness with which some of the weaknesses were discussed.

The ministers of the six NKRAs presented their first year achievements and challenges on Thursday, followed by a rigorous question and answer session with the IRP.

The panel chaired by the former President of the Republic of Botswana, Festus Mogae consisted of the former Vice President of World Bank, James Adams, and the chairman, Trident Asset Management, Knut Kjaer.

Other members included the chairman of Global Council, Lord Peter Mandelson, the Governor, Bank of Botswana, Linah Mohohlo, founder of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, Dr Nkosana Moyo and the Africa Executive Director, Dr Sipho Moyo.

Speaking during a public briefing in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the chairman said the panel recognized that the programme has only been operational for little more than a year, and start-up issues faced should not be allowed to undermine continued implementation.

?While we endorse the pragmatism of some of the programmes in focusing on ?easy wins,? over time the panel thinks it would be prudent to put an appropriate focus on activities that will secure large and more sustainable gains,? Mogae said.

The panel emphasized that it is critical to sustain the BRN programme and future governments need to continue its support, in order to realize its full impact.

?BRN offers the opportunity over time to bring about fundamental improvements in development programs in Tanzania,? the former president noted.

Lord Peter Mandelson noted that BRN is changing perspective and creating a new paradox for development in the country, as Tanzanians have a huge stake in its success.

?All Tanzanians should carry the sense of identification with the initiative, change perspective of holding back information, and shun corruption in effort to move further,? he emphasized.

On her part, Linah Mohohlo described Tanzania as one of the few countries that have taken bold steps in development initiatives.

?Not many African countries would open up, invite external panel to review its programmes. This tells it all that nationals should be proud of this and embrace initiatives for change,? she stated.

Dr. Sipho Moyo had this to say: ?I would like every one to be excited about BRN for since its inception it has shown progress towards improving lives of people.?

She urged the public to support the initiative as it is the best way to hold government responsible and creates a credible opportunity for post-2025 prospects.

Speaking to journalist after the event, Omari Issa, Chief Executive Officer, President?s Delivery Bureau (PDB) said a comprehensive report on sectoral performance will be available in the next few weeks.

He said the detailed report will show how all the sectors in the NKRAs have performed in the past one of the BRN implementation.

The panel was particularly pleased with the fact that BRN will also focus on how to improve investment opportunities and environment, he added.

By Polycarp Machira, The Guardian


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