Brittany Snow can rap too. The actress, who will show off her acting and singing skills in ?Pitch Perfect 2?, made a foray into hip-hop by performing Coolio?s ?Gangsta Paradise? when she recently stopped by ?The Ellen DeGeneres Show? to promote the film.

During an interview with Snow on the show, host Ellen DeGeneres revealed to her audience that the actress and her ?Pitch Perfect 2? co-stars would sometime go out together for karaoke after they finished filming. After saying that the 1995 hit was her go-to karaoke song, the 29-year-old star was asked to sing it live in front of the crowd.

After failing to make DeGeneres and her guest DJ join her, Snow took the stage solo. She made some awesome hand movements and busted out cool moves while flawlessly rapping every word on the first verse of the song.

?Pitch Perfect 2? is opening in theaters across the nation on Friday, May 15. Snow reprises her role as Chloe alongside other returning cast members including Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.



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