The new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, shares exclusive details of the first deposition, which took place on May 2.

britney-samA source reveals that Sam not only insisted on attending Britney’s deposition, but he was taunting her during the proceedings.

“Sam tried to approach Britney as she was coming and going from the conference room, but luckily a bodyguard was by her side and prevented any communication,” the source exclusively tells In Touch of what happened inside the proceedings.

“During a break, Sam openly asked if Britney was a free person,” the source tells In Touch. “Jamie’s lawyers went nuts and threatened to pull her out of the depo.”

Brit managed to complete the questioning, however, “Sam’s lawyers don’t think she was forthcoming enough and they want her to sit for another deposition,” says the source.

For all the details inside Britney Spears deposition, pick up the latest issue of In Touch magazine, on newsstands now!



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