British parliament
British parliament

The speaker of Britain’s House of Commons John Bercow faced criticism from politicians Tuesday after his controversial speech expressing his opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump addressing parliament during his proposed state visit.

British parliament
British parliament
As Bercow defended his stand, his colleague Lord Fowler, the Speaker of the House of Lords, said he was not consulted on Monday’s comments.

Fowler told the House of Lords that he would keep an open mind and consider any request for Trump to address parliament if and when it is made.

He added: “I have spent the last 30 years campaigning against prejudice and discrimination, particularly for the rights of LGBT people and those with HIV/Aids.”

Fowler said the current procedure means Bercow or himself can effectively veto any proposal for a visiting leader to address the British parliament.

“I think it is for parliament to consider whether there is a better way in which such decisions can be made,” adding that for now the two speakers should try to reach a consensus on decisions made when future invitations are offered.

Questioned in the Commons on Tuesday about his remarks, Bercow defended his stand telling MPs: “The House (of Commons) has always understood that the chair has a role in these matters. I was honestly and honorably seeking to discharge my responsibilities.”

Prime Minister Theresa May and 10 Downing Street have distanced themselves from the controversy surrounding Bercow’s comment saying it was a matter for parliament.

Some Conservative MPs have said Bercow should consider his position, but he has earned cross party support for his surprise speech expressing opposition to Trump addressing parliament. Enditem

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