Friday December 20, 2013?will see a peak of more than 115,000 customers getting away for the Christmas break across British Airways? network.?The busiest day for people returning home is?Friday, January 3?when nearly 102,000 people will be flying with the airline.

A mock-up of the British Airways Airbus A380.On Christmas day British Airways cabin crew will be hosting 30,000 festive travellers across its network and serving them thousands of turkey dinners and Christmas puddings.

175 British Airways planes will be taking off on?December 25?and 955 pilots and 3,546 cabin crew will be working.
Just under two million people will fly between?today?(Monday December 16) and?Sunday January 5, 2014?to and from the airline?s 166 destinations worldwide.

Most popular destinations include New York, Scotland and the Caribbean.

Customers may also come across British Airways staff with Christmas themed surnames including two Christmases, one Claus, four Rudolphs, two Snowballs, five Yules and five Angels!

And looking to the new year, the airline is hailing Albuquerque (USA), Austin (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Leeds (UK), Chengdu (China), Santorini (Greece), Glasgow (UK), Oporto (Portugal), Hong Kong (Greater China), Moscow (Russia), Mykonos (Greek Islands) and Malta as the places to be seen in 2014.


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