Dr Srofenyoh
Dr Srofenyoh

In a petition to President John Dramani Mahama, the 119 staff of the Hospital, called on the Head of State to intervene and revoke the reported appointment of Dr Thomas Anaba.

Dr Srofenyoh
Dr Srofenyoh

“The petition to your high office has become necessary because we believe strongly that the appointment of Dr Thomas Anaba was wrongfully done, with so many problems and issues associated with the processes leading to his appointment.

“We are also petitioning your high office because of our desire to see a smooth transition from the old to the new Hospital with the right kind of leadership.”

The workers said all directors of the Hospital have been appointed within the service, more so Dr Srofenyoh is a Consultant whilst Dr Anaba is a specialist.

“The Hospital has reached where it is today because of his hard work and sacrifice. He has been very involved with the building of the new Hospital. It is because of him that the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of the Hospital is seen today as perhaps the best place for maternal health care services in the whole country.”

The petition said it is because of Dr Srofenyoh that the Hospital was accredited by Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons to train Post Graduate Doctors in Obstetric and Gynaecology Specialisation.

It said Ridge Regional Hospital is the only Ghana Health Service facility in Ghana to have such an accreditation.

The petition said through Dr Srofenyoh’s untiring efforts and leadership qualities, he has been able to bring in partners and sponsors who have supported the Hospital over the years to transform service delivery at the O&G Department.

“One of such partners, Kybele Incorporated, from the USA has engaged in a very fruitful partnership with the Hospital and has made substantial investments at the O&G Department. Many of the Nurses and Midwives in the Hospital have had the opportunity to upgrade their skills in the USA through fruitful exchange arrangements with Kybele Incorporated.

“The Hospital stands to lose these substantial investments from Kybele, together with all the future opportunities for more Nurses and Midwives to upgrade their skills with the exchange arrangement in the absence of Dr Emmanuel Srofenyoh.

“The O& G Department, and by extension the Hospital stands to lose heavily with the real threat of substantial reversal in service delivery, and a downturn in performance without the only Consultant O&G to direct affairs in the Hospital.”

The petition said Dr Srofenyoh has been a central figure in the Ridge Hospital Redevelopment Programme.

It said: “The rebuilding of the new Ridge Regional Hospital which your government has kindly adopted was muted and pioneered with his active involvement.”

The petition said he developed the initial proposal, putting forth all the figures and the justifications for the authorities concerned.

He actively contributed in the project design and was the key person when the Hospital had to do value for money justifications of the project with the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health.

Dr Srofenyoh represented the Hospital when the final designs, cost and other issues of the project were being discussed and finalised in the US.

“The project is yet to be completed and operationalised, so why change the key person who has been involved with the project from the scratch, especially when the person is equally, if not more qualified to do the job?

“We want a leader who dedicated himself and sacrificed everything for the cause of the Hospital and our clients. We want a leader who will stand by us through thick and thin. We want a leader who is coming to the job for what he can put in and not what he can take out. We want a leader who is very qualified and experienced clinically and administratively to handle the new Hospital complex.

“Above all, we want a leader the staff can relate to, who would be available 24 hours a day to attend to the needs of the clients, staff and the Hospital.

“We have such a leader in Dr Emmanuel Srofenyoh. He has demonstrated in word and deed that he is a real leader, one in whom the staff can depend to move the Hospital forward.

“Dr Emmanuel Srofenyoh has our unflinching, unwavering and unalloyed support for the position of the Medical Director of the Hospital. All the staff love him and that is why we find it necessary to send this petition to plead with you to intervene in this matter and let the right thing be done.”

Source: GNA


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