BRICS Xiamen Summit
BRICS Xiamen Summit

The forthcoming ninth BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen of Fujian province will bring forth new ideas and present a satisfactory blueprint for BRICS cooperation, formulate a wide-ranged partnership for development and build new platforms for South-South cooperation, the People’s Daily said in a commentary under the byline of Zhong Sheng on Thursday.

China, as a firm advocate and participator of the BRICS mechanism, has made extraordinary contributions to the cooperation and development of the BRICS countries, the article published ahead of the meeting pointed out.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his attendance of four BRICS summits, has provided new ideas, proposals and remedies to deepen cooperation among the members.

China’s efforts to propel pragmatic cooperation among the BRICS countries, perfect global governance as well as its appeals to lift position of emerging markets and developing countries have won applause from the international community, the article emphasized.

Embracing its second decade, the BRICS mechanism shoulders the heavy responsibilities of summarizing the experience and formulating new blueprint for cooperation, the article pointed out.

Since China took over the BRICS presidency at the beginning of this year, the country has, based on the theme of “deepening the BRICS partnership and opening up a brighter future”, made efforts to reap new breakthroughs from pragmatic economic cooperation, score new progress from political security cooperation and foster people-to-people and cultural exchanges into a new pillar for the cooperative mechanism, the paper said.

The BRICS mechanism, as a result, has entered into a new stage featuring the three pillars of economic, political and cultural cooperation, it stressed, adding that China is now driving the BRICS mechanism toward a more standardized direction and actively exploring the new model of “BRICS Plus”.

The mechanism has achieved many eye-catching “firsts”, the commentary said. For instance, the first-ever Press Communique was released at the BRICS Leaders’ Informal Meeting on the margins of the G20 Hamburg Summit in this July.

In the first–ever meeting of foreign affairs ministers of BRICS countries held in Beijing this June, the ministers agreed to strengthen their coordination through regular meetings among their permanent representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna, and send out voices of BRICS in international fora in a timely manner.

In a July meeting of ministers of science, technology and innovation from BRICS countries, the “BRICS Action Plan for Innovation Cooperation (2017-2020)” was signed to seize the historic opportunity of industrial revolution.

Other signed documents such as the “BRICS Trade in Services Cooperation Roadmap” and “Outline for BRICS Investment Facilitation” will cement trade and investment’s role as an important engine of global economic growth. A total of over 30 outcomes in economic cooperation will form a stronger cohesive force for the BRICS countries, according to the article.

BRICS cultural events, including the BRICS Games, the first movie co-produced by BRICS directors, the BRICS cultural festival and as well as other 20 events will promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges and lay a solid social foundation for BRICS cooperation, the article continued.

During the Xiamen Summit, China will for the first time invite leaders of five emerging markets and five developing countries to attend a dialogue, reflecting the inclusiveness of the BRICS, the article pointed out.

Under the theme of “Deepening Win-win Cooperation, Promoting Common Development”, the BRICS countries will discuss with the emerging markets the implementation of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, so as to build a wide-ranged partnership for development, construct new platforms and inject new impetus into South-South cooperation, the paper said at last.

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