Grace Nkrumah

Grace Nkrumah

BRAND MANAGER for Nestl? Nutrition Ghana, Grace Nkrumah, has debunked speculations by some nursing mothers that breastfeeding ends up deforming their breasts.

Grace Nkrumah, who was speaking to a team of journalists in Accra hinted, ?Breastfeeding does not deform the breasts of women in any way. With the right breastfeeding postures and the right types of brassiere everything will be fine.? According to her, breast milk is a unique diet that protects babies from infections and diseases.

Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants, with a wide range of health benefits for babies.

Nestl? Ghana has successfully produced a millet brand of cerelac which had been fortified with iron, specifically for infants.

She urged Ghanaian women to have a six month period of exclusive breastfeeding plan before adding on Nestl??s cerelac as a complementary food.

?It is not advisable for women to replace breast milk with cerelac or any other product before the six months period. Breastfeeding helps build a strong physical and emotional bond between mother and baby,? she said.

The new millet-made cerelac would be available for infants and the general public after the unveiling event on Wednesday.

?Some of us still don?t consider cerelac as baby food because most people still enjoy the product and that is not a problem at all.?

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh


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