I was in a relationship a few years ago and the guy broke up with me via email which he followed up with a phone call three days later. I remember telling my sister that it was an act of cowardice. The message cut like a knife initially but I got over it eventually.  His opening line began with, ?There is something I need to tell you, I met this girl and I believe she is my soul mate.? Ewurade! Talk about being straightforward.

I knew at once that what followed was going to be worse. The ?it?s not your fault? lines and why it wouldn?t be fair to keep the relationship blah blah blah. Anyway my response was simple. I replied by saying ?ok?. I am not one for questions, though I initially wondered how long he had been seeing the other girl.  In retrospect, I remember noticing a drastic change in his attitude. He wasn?t returning my calls and always seemed too busy to spend time with me.

Anyway, he called three days later and asked if I was alright. Seriously? Who can recover so quickly?  His excuse for sending the email was that he didn?t know how I would react and that he was afraid that I would make him change his mind if he had broken the news to me face to face. I just thanked him and told him not to call me for a while because I needed time to heal. Besides, I was not interested in being friends with this particular ex.

I?ve heard mixed responses from friends about whether what the guy did was normal or not. I believe that I at least deserved a whole lot more than an email.

So my lovely GhanaCelebrities.Com readers, where do you stand on ending things over the phone or by email? Would you break up with your partner through email or phone? Has anyone broken up with you via text,email or over the phone? Share your thoughts?..

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