An international conference in Brazzaville on illegal exploitation and sale of African wildlife products, has proposed a joint strategy and action plan on fighting against poaching on the African continent. poaching
The international conference was held in the Republic of Congo capital between April 27 to 30, under the theme “Securing African biodiversity for posterity and global peace.”
The proposed strategy will address issues related to the source countries, transit countries and destination countries for illegally obtained animal and plant species.
It particularly aims to operationalize decisions taken during various international forums, and mobilize funds to support the fight.
It will continue being developed in consultation with all African states and its state of progress will be examined in June, during the biannual meeting of African policy makers in South Africa, before being submitted for adoption during African Union summit in June.
At the same time, the participants recommended the organization of a joint session with transit and consumer countries in Asia, to discuss ways to cut off supply, sale and consumption of illegal wildlife products from Africa. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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