By: Patrick Doamekpo

The surge of the two West African giant nations in last weekend’s playoff first legs have been described as a great advertisement of Africa’s home grown coaching potential.?

imagesInternational football consultant Tunde Adelakun, stated that the results particularly in Ghana and Ethiopia have shown that African coaching has come of age and should be celebrated.

“Stephen Keshi and Akwasi Appiah should be proud of what they have achieved this far” Adelakun said, obviously reacting to the Nigerian team’s 2-1 first leg away win against Ethiopia followed by Giana’s 6-1 demolition of Egypt in Kumasi few days later.

“These guys are on the verge of leading their respective countries to the World Cup against all odds. I remember being one of those who questioned the pedigree of Keshi in leading Nigeria to the African title earlier this year. But the guy has proved us all wrong and kudos to him”, he continued.

The Ghana situation is no different as Appiah seems to have formed a bond amongst his group that has made them united and giving them results.

“People may say lots about coaching pedigree or qualifications but these guys seem to be doing something right,” Adelakun, Director of the African Football Hall of Fame said.

The seasoned pro-African football advocate then called on authorities governing football in Africa to make the most of this trend by encouraging more youngsters to take up football coaching and using these coaches as role models.

“When you look at the exploits of Keshi and Appiah, and join it to the work that Sewnet Bishaw has put into Ethiopian football, we can see that Africa truly has great managers who have not only called on their knowledge of tactics but also tuned their abilities towards managing the peculiar nature of the men they coach. This is great.

“Africa must rise and use these guys as sterling examples and motivation to develop more career coaches”.

Adelakun backs Nigeria and Ghana to reach the finals in Brazil, but that’s not all. “With the location of the World Cup this time, the facilities, the weather and the culture, Nigeria and Ghana will not just go there to make up the numbers. I think Africa will have a good showing in Brazil”, he concluded.


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