?The EU's ban on Indian mangoes is causing concern for both importers and exporters
importers and exporters

The goal requires a raise of 20 billion U.S. dollars of exports in the sector over the next three years.


In 2016 alone, Brazil’s agricultural exports are expected to add 2.50 billion dollars, with agreements involving sanitary and phytossanitary measures, said Agricultural Minister Katia Abreu.

Signing of the free trade agreement between Mercosur, or the Southern Common Market, and the European Union (EU) in the future would also expand potential market for Brazilian products, Abreu said.

Abreu is confident that Brazil can take advantage of the increasing demand for food products in the international market.

“The World Bank and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization consider Brazil in its best condition, in terms of water and land availability, to meet the global demand,” she said.

The Agricultural Ministry has selected 22 priority markets for Brazil’s agricultural products. Top five markets on the list are China, the EU, Japan, Russia and the U.S. All five are already big buyers of Brazil’s products, but still have great potential. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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