Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence

Bradley Cooper wants his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence to remain platonic and professional. During a sit-down on ?Howard Stern Show? on Wednesday, October 21, the hunky actor said that he would never have sex with the actress of ?The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2?.

As both Bradley and Jennifer often co-starred in movies together, host Howard Stern asked Bradley, ?When are you two going to have sex? Everyone is waiting for that.? The actor simply answered, ?Never.?

When Howard said that Bradley?s refusal was ?because you think she?s too young,? the actor said that age wasn?t the issue. The ?American Sniper? actor explained that her ex-girlfriend was as young as Jennifer was.

The host was still curious about why Bradley turned down any possibility of having sex with the 25-year-old actress. ?You?re never gonna have sex with her because there?s just no? a kind of envision with her at all,? Howard said. The 40-year-old actor replied, ?No, it?s just, it just didn?t happen. You know, it?s not the way we are together.?

On another note, Bradley and Jennifer will co-star in an upcoming movie titled ?Joy?. The two have previously worked together in ?American Hustle?, ?Silver Linings Playbook? and ?Serena?.



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