Offers with huge ambitions from the Western walls of Africa and for the love of the mother country Ghana, one mic ‘ Bradez ‘ resonate with the most recognized named in Africa and the first President of the Republic of Ghana ‘ Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in a current and around for free single dubbed ‘ Medo Ghana “featuring 2011 best international Act Africa B.E.T candidate widely branded as Ghana Bowy a.k.a. D-black.
The late Kwame Nkrumah on Bradez new song? Someone may ask or wonder. The answer is Yes! Yea!! Yes!!! Kwame Nkrumah is on the way to a real. No reason to be surprised, because this is an unpredictable talent from one mic entertainment West Africa (Ghana) we are talking about here this time around. Keep our fingers crossed until the brand new single is released.

In verbal communication with “TheMonteOz”, Bradez confirmed that Africa and beyound should expect paramount from them this season and the reason why is simply because they have packaged and lined up massive hits as pending to be released soon, away from their very recent and rapid frames EGO be track fell not long ago. One mic duo “Bradez” is on set filming the music video for Medo Ghana which features d-black on it with Nana Asihene direction and back up at RapFam (one Mic entertainment). Catridge is a road trip video that depicts the mother country Ghana formerly known as GoldCoast while the song itself converses about peace, hospitality and the beautiful people in Ghana, because all these elements makes every citizen a proud Ghanaian beauty. From one mic bradez camp placed Medo Ghana Video to come in no time with the soundtrack.

Monte Oz – (

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