Botswana has implored international construction equipment manufacturing companies to use Botswana as a launching pad into the rest of Africa.

“Those of you with manufacturing based outside of this country are also urged to establish your local manufacturing outfits here to meet the demands of your local market and use Botswana as your launching pad for your products into the rest of Africa,” said Vincent Seretse, Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, at the annual Botswana Builder’s and Construction Expo on Friday in the capital Gaborone.


Botswana has one of the most conducive investment environments in sub Saharan Africa, said the minister.

“Geographically, we are at the heart of the SADC region, which makes access to SADC market and the rest of Africa easy,” said Seretse.

He emphasized that Botswana has a mature and stable political climate, cordial labor relations, liberal financial regime which allows for easy repatriation of business proceeds.

The invitation of construction manufacturing companies comes at a time when Botswana is making efforts to diversify its economy and prop up companies setting up local.

The minister also used the platform to implore construction companies to buy local products.

“I therefore wish to appeal to those of you who continue to import products which could be obtained from our local industries to refrain from doing so and support local manufacturers,” said Seretse. Enditem


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