Booomers International has signed a partnership agreement with the Royal Senchi resort at Akosombo to establish a bicycle rental programme. This programme would allow Booomers bikes to be available at Royal Senchi Resort for rental by clients who enjoy cycling or would like to learn how to ride bicycles.

According to the Chief Executive of Booomers International, Mr Kwabena Danso, this partnership presents a great opportunity for Booomers to move to the next level of its development.

?This is the first of a series of partnerships coming up. Other resorts and hotels are going to follow soon and it is our hope that by doing this we can change a lot of attitude towards cycling which has a huge health benefits to users.? he said.

Mr Danso encouraged guests to cycle, which saves money while reducing carbon footprint and impact on the environment.


?As guests in this hotel, these bicycles can be used to tour this beautiful and its unbeatable scenery. The bicycles are made of bamboo so they are environmentally friendly? He added.

The General Manager of Royal Senchi Hotel in his remarks stated that their partnership with Booomers is a step in the right direction and very significant.

?Now our guests can have another addition to the services we render whilst here.Cycling is a major form of exercising which helps us to improve our health conditions. Getting our customers to cycle whilst here brings additional fitness to their lives.? he said


Booomers International is a subsidiary social enterprise of the Yonso Project of Ghana, which produces and markets bamboo and accessories on both the Ghanaian and international markets.

The company manufactures different types of bamboo bicycles and accessories such as bicycle stands and baskets. The aim is to help improve transportation and youth employment, mitigate climate change issues as well as alleviate poverty, especially in rural communities.



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