From all of the options available to you when you visit this beautiful region of the UK, Northumberland cottages are the perfect option. By selecting one of the many excellent Northumberland cottages you will be housed in comfortable accommodation that provides not only intimacy and privacy but also unrivalled access to the region and the people that live here. Northumberland is an area that demands your attention, from the rugged coastline to the idyllic rural villages, the stately homes and castles and the incredible wealth of museums and galleries to be found here. Appreciate the Landscape The landscape in Northumberland is the perfect outdoor playground for those with a love of adventure.

The rugged natural beauty of the region is perfect for a wealth of outward bound activities, and all of this will be right outside the door of whichever of the incredible Northumberland cottages you select.

If you really want to get a sense of the majesty of the region book yourself onto a hot air balloon trip and float across the landscape; you will never encounter a more photo worthy opportunity than this, and as you see all of the Northumberland cottages spread out below you, you will understand how your accommodation fits into the landscape so well. Understand the Heritage Within easy reach of all of the Northumberland cottages available for rent are galleries, museums and exhibitions that will inspire and impress you.

Northumberland is home to an incredible heritage that dates back centuries. From saints and gospels to Vikings and lost treasures, whatever period of history is of interest to you it is to be found here. Northumberland cottages themselves often date back a hundred years or more, so you could find yourself staying in an integral part of the landscape that surrounds you. There is something more than history and heritage to this outstanding region, there is something here that will make you want to come back time and time again and Northumberland cottages will always be available to offer you the perfect accommodation no matter how long to come back to the region for.

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