Bongo Nyariga (UE) , April 26, GNA- Twenty-five-year-old Pognaba Jennifer  Ayampogbila Abiiro-nyedina Azaapa  has been enskinned Queenmother of Bongo Nyariga in the Upper East Region.

Speaking at the ceremony the Chief of Bongo Nyariga, Naba Bosongo Dohumpoeya II, said the role of women in national development could not be overemphasised and that was why the National House of Chiefs was encouraging the enskinment of Queen Mothers all over the country.

He cited the role played by Yaa Asantewa in the Ashanti Kingdom and Apoka Kariyane also of the Bukere in the Bolgatanga Municipality who courageously went to  battle to fight for their communities.

He indicated that the newly enskinned Queenmother would assist among other things in helping the sub-chiefs to settle disputes especially issues concerning women and also take part in decision-making on development issues.

”She will advise the chief behind closed doors on issues such as personal conduct, leadership and governance style ,  settle quarrels and other cases, and also mobilise and lead the women in the community to bring about development.”

Naba Bosongo Dohumpoeya II appealed to government to provide electricity to the community since majority of women in the area were basket weavers and worked mostly in the night.

He  also expressed dismay about the failure of  government to speed up the rehabilitation of the Vea irrigation dam and said as a result of that majority of farmers in the area who depend on the dam water for crop cultivation could not work,  thus increasing rural-urban migration.

The newly enskinned Queenmother pledged her unflinching support for the chiefs in the area and indicated she would mobilise the womenfolk for development and also look for micro-credit for them to undertake economic ventures.

A number of local sub-chiefs were also enskinned at the ceremony.


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