At the time Promise Naa Okasa better known as Promzy of I?m in Love with Bomaye fame was preparing engagement plans with her lover Bomaye, it appears Bomaye was thinking otherwise.

Alex Biney aka Bomaye, the king in the 13-week I?m in Love with Bomaye reality show which ended some months ago on Multi TV has called it quits with Promzy.

He pasted on his Facebook wall ?My dear fans and friends, it?s with deep displeasure that I address you. Firstly I want to personally thank all of you who supported me from the Big Brother platform to the I?m in love with? Project to any future endeavour I may pursue, I appreciate you guys a great deal because your support has established my presence in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Thank you and I love you.

?Promzy and I have ended our engagement, the decision was mutual, I?ll always adore her and we will remain great friends, the split marks a new chapter for both of us. I wish you and your loved ones all a happy new and a prosperous 2013?.

When Showbiz contacted Bomaye on phone last Friday, he confrmed that indeed it was over between him and Promzy.

Curiously, Promzy did not know that she had been dumped. She complained to Showbiz that Bomaye should have acted maturely. ?I know there were few problems we both were trying to solve but going on Facebook to break-up with me wasn?t the best. At least he should have sat me down to tell me he was no more interested in the relationship so he wants to quit rather than pasting it on his Facebook wall without my knowledge.?

According to Promzy, she woke up last Friday dawn only to see about 30 missed calls and a lot of messages on her phone from friends and family members asking her whether indeed there had been a breakup.

She said after reading the message on Bomaye?s Facebook wall, she called him to find out why he did that, and all Bomaye could say was, he tried to tell her over the phone the previous night that it was over but because her phone was off and the best way, he thought, was to go on Facebook.

Promzy, who was obviously reeling from Bomaye?s action, told Showbiz that it was a big blow to her and that Bomaye had really ruined her life.

?I just can?t stop thinking about what Bomaye did to me, he has brought shame to me and my family and I don?t think I can forgive him for what he did,? Promzy said.

Whatever it was that led Bomaye to take the goodbye road is yet to surface but information available to Showbiz has is that Promzy gave Bomaye a January ending ultimatum to buy her a car or call she would quit. According to the information, Promzy?s ex-boyfriend had taken back the car he bought for her when she started dating Bomaye and since then, she had not felt comfortable picking taxis wherever he went.

Few days after I?m in Love with Bomaye reality show ended in September last year, Bomaye promised to marry Promzy to prove he truly loved her but as things stand now it appears only a comeback would save what would have been the first marriage to have been struck on TV .


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