Bolivian President Evo Morales is in “good spirits” in Cuba just hours before a throat surgery to remove a benign nodule that has affected him over the last few months, a minister said Thursday.

President Evo Morales agreed to meet the unions' demands to raise the minimum salary by 20%
President Evo Morales agreed to meet the unions’ demands to raise the minimum salary by 20%
Morales arrived here earlier in the day and proceeded to medical checkups, Rene Martinez, Bolivian presidential minister, said in a statement on Cuban state television.

“The team of doctors determined the flu symptoms he experienced over the last few days aren’t present anymore and he’s cleared to have the surgery on Friday,” said Martinez, who accompanied Morales to the Cuban capital.

Martinez added that the president even made jokes with his colleagues.

“He’s been following the events in our country and talked to leaders of social organizations, just waiting for tomorrow’s medical intervention,” he said.

The surgery will last about 15 minutes and it was first scheduled for April 8, but the Bolivian president decided to do it sooner because he was experiencing discomfort in his vocal chords due to the nodule.

After the surgery, Morales must keep “absolute medical rest” for at least 48 hours, Bolivian Health Minister Ariana Campero said earlier this week.

Morales will have the nodule presumably removed at a military hospital in western Havana, off limits to the press as this visit is considered strictly private. Enditem

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