The Chief Executive Officer Of Empire Group Of Companies Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye popularly known as Bola Ray, has cautioned the youth not to allow themselves to be deceived by politicians who will like to use them for unhealthy political activities and selfish gains after the Supreme Court verdict on the election petition.

Speaking to?The Moment Newspaper?Bola Ray said??I will not like to visit any of my loyal fans in a prison or see any youth of this country suffer from a mistake he did to support a group of people who would like to take the peaceful atmosphere Ghana in enjoying currently for granted.?

He said the use of the youth for violent activities threatened the country’s democracy and appealed to the politicians to reduce the political tension before, during and after any election.

Bola Ray said the phenomenon of engaging the youth in political violence was inimical to law and order and a threat to the country’s young democracy.

He said the fundamental needs of the youth in every country were education and jobs and that ?this is where the youth should be committed to be working instead of looking up to a politician who wanted to use them to attain their ambitions.?

He noted that achieving greatness did not come over-night but through years of desire to move ahead, make good decisions, be disciplined and be determined to meet the challenges. He said everyone was born with one potential, adding that people had the desire to pursue talents that lead to great discoveries and some of which had become very useful to mankind today.

Bola Ray said, ?Our youth must be confident with a sense of mission and urgency because the future is about them,? adding that ?they must be seen to be creating that future now and not to regret.?

He challenged the youth of this country to avoid social vices and rather focus on their future plans and remain committed to that.



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