boko haram

Islamist insurgents last week killed 27 people and wounded a dozen others in restive northeast Nigeria, a local official said Monday, with the attack happening two days before a deadly ambush on a wedding party.

The attack was carried out by some 70 gunmen who stormed the town of Bama in Borno state late Thursday in a convoy of motorcycles and pickup trucks, said Baba Shehu, of the area?s local government.

?They shot down 27 persons and injured 12? About 300 houses were burnt,? he told journalists in Borno?s capital Maiduguri, where Boko Haram was founded more than a decade ago.

Bama and other remote parts of northeast Nigeria have seen a series of brutal attacks in recent weeks which have left hundreds dead, despite official assurances that the insurgents have been weakened by an ongoing military offensive.

Details of massacres in Borno have typically been slow to emerge.

The mobile phone network in the area has been switched off since May, when President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency across the northeast and launched the military operation aimed at crushing at the Islamists? four-year uprising.

Source: AFP


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