The daughter of the recently deceased singer Whitney Houston is reportedly engaged to a young man whom her mother adopted. The couple announced engagement right after the Houston death and has been seen in public exchanging tenderness.

The public information emerged that daughter of the recently deceased singer Whitney Houston, Bobby Christina engaged to her adopted brother, Nick Gordon.

While Whitney never legally adopted Nick, she brought him to her house when he was 12 and since then she took care of him.

It is not known when Bobby Christina and Nick started dating, but it is clear that they first came out in public as a couple after singer died.

“The situation is pretty sad,” said a source close to the late star: ”Whitney never officially adopted Nick, but he lived with her and Bobby Christina since he was 12 years old, and they were brought up as brother and sister. Nick comes from a rather poor family.”

Whitney’s heiress was recently seen in public with a diamond ring while exchanging tenderness with Nick, so it is assumed that the couple wished to strengthen their relationship.

“Nick has provided much support to Bobby Christina in this, for her  very difficult period,” said the source.

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