Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Citing sources close to the case, a reporter of WSB-TV in Atlanta says police are investigating injuries to Bobbi Kristina Brown?s face especially her mouth. According to Dave Huddleston, Roswell police are also investigating injuries to Nick Gordon?s hand.

According to the site, police are also looking into suspected drugs found at Bobbi?s house. On Monday afternoon, February 9, Bobbi?s father Bobby Brown and her grandmother Cissy Houston were spotted arriving separately at Emory University Hospital.

As previously reported, a candlelight vigil for Bobbi was held on Monday evening at the Riverdale Amphitheatre. A spokesman for Riverdale Corey Punzi told WSB-TV, ?We want to bring the family together as one collective unit and just provide positive energy in the direction of Bobbi Kristina Brown.?

Tears and prayer overflowed at the Riverdale Amphitheatre with politicians, religious leaders and musicians offering their words of encouragement to Bobbi?s family. Riverdale mayor Dr. Evelyn Wynn-Dixon said, ?Forget that he [Bobby Brown] is a renowned artist. That her mama, the late Whitney, was a renowned artist. These [are] still people. They bleed and hurt like us.?

Wynn-Dixon told the crowd, ?Sometime people ask you, or they say, ?I know how you feel.? Sometime they don?t. Sometime they don?t know what it?s like if your child is on that ventilator. ?What do I do? If I take it off and she could have lived or do I let her stay on it and suffer?? That?s a hard question for any parent.?

Before the service began, some Whitney Houston?s songs like ?I Have Nothing? and ?I?m Every Woman? were played.



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