A suspected burglar was arrested just minutes after he posted a taunting ?catch me if you can? message on a police department?s Facebook page. Rolando Lozano, along with brother Damian, was suspected of breaking into 17 cars in the Seabourne Meadows area of Rosenberg, in Texas in the US.

Rosenberg police arrested Damian but turned to social media in a bid to find Rolando. The force posted information about the string of break-ins as well as photographs of the pair and urged the public to share them.

Burglary suspect taunts police on Facebook with 'catch me if you can' post, arrested minutes later

Photos of Damian (top left) and Rolando Lozano (bottom right) were posted on Facebook by police (Picture: Rosenberg Police/Facebook)

A Facebook user by the name of Rolando Hoyuela Lozano commented soon after saying, ?I?m innocent, catch me if u can.?

But within five minutes of the comment being made he was in police custody after being arrested at a relative?s house.

Police posted a reply to his comment saying: ?Rolando Lozano?we caught you five minutes after you posted this? Thank you to the community for your help!!!?

The department?s response has already received more 1,000 ?likes? and almost than 350 shares.

Source: METRO, – Post by Rosenberg Police Department.


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