A 19-year-old Sentenced To Death By HangingA Sekondi High Court presided over by High Court Judge, Mr. Justice George Boadi,has sentenced a 19-year old farm labourer to death by hanging for murder.

A 19-year-old Sentenced To Death By Hanging

The accused,Boakye was found guilty for murdering Kweku Agyei,a native of Yawmatwa Nkwanta after he had pleaded not guilty to the charge and even affirming his stance when he was sentenced to death by hanging by an unanimous verdict of a seven-member jury.

Giving account of the incident in a prosecution led by State Attorneys George Sackey and Mary Nsenkyire,the labourer, Boakye, in October 13, 2009, pulled out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Agyei on the chest and both ribs at a funeral at Kwadjei Number Two.

Elaborating,she said Agyei was in a relationship with Ophelia Afia,had one child and were living together.

The prosecutors told the court that on October 13, 2009, there was a funeral at Kwadjei Number Two that the deceased and other persons including the accused person attended.

The accused had mixed feelings over his girlfriend?s relationship with the deceased and hence seeing them together at the funeral ground caused him to confront his ?wife?.

He ordered the accused to leave her alone which angered the deceased who hit the accused with a small stick.The accuse in turn stabbed the deceased with a knife in the chest causing him to die from a massive haemothorax on the way to the Essiam Hospital.



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