Blossom Chukwujekwu currently plays Dr. Kelechi Pepple in Nigeria?s first telenovela Taste of Love, he also starred in the new movie ?Gbomo gbomo express? alongside Ramsey Noah, and he was also nominated for several awards for his role in the 2014 critically-acclaimed movie Flower Girl.

In an Interview with NAIJ, the actor talks about his movie career and his unique name. Read Excerpts below

How has the reception been so far for your telenovela Taste of Love?

I?m very pleased that viewers have caught on to the show. In malls and at the airport, cute little kids and their parents walk up to me calling Dr. Kelechi Pepple with delight. Men come up and tell me how their wives don?t miss it. Mothers would always ask me: ?Where is Hadiza?? Very touching was when a police inspector, after giving me directions, noticed I was the one and jumped like a little kid with so much joy. He said his family is addicted to the show. There was this street hawker who insisted I buy his goods as Kelechi Pepple. It is so humbling to know that after six months of hard work and going through intense fire, people appreciate the work. This is what I live for.

Who are your mentors?

They really aren?t in the spotlight but if you talk of role models, I admire the impact Fela Durotoye and Leke Alder are having on their generation and the next.

Who do you look forward to working with in Nollywood?

I cannot wait to work with Bimbo Akintola and Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), I?ve seen and heard great things

Can you play a gay role?

I am an actor and we are interpreters of truth. There?s no role I can?t play, even a woman. It just depends on when I am ready to explore that creative depth. If I decide to turn down any role, it will be because I don?t agree with the message of the story or the Producers aren?t doing it for the right reasons or I am simply not ready to explore that depth.

Tell us something weird about yourself that fans would love to know about.  

Will children read this? (Laughs) Well, I like to walk around my house naked.

Credit:Daily Gossip


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