Ms Kinna Likimani, the project adviser and monitoring and evaluation officer for Blogging Ghana, on Thursday stated that the Organisation is implementing a one year project to facilitate information sending between civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media.

She said the thematic areas for the project, which will end in December 2014, were to tackle education, health and governance.

Ms Likimani said this during a meeting with stakeholders in Accra.

The project adviser said Blogging Ghana was able to present information from bulky report using more of electronic media in different ways such as info graphic, picking of more videos that would make the press understand it better to disseminate for the general public?s consumption.

She urged Ghanaians to develop the habit of blogging to be able to disseminate information effectively.

According to the Project Manager, Nehemiah Attigah, the objective of the project was to build capacity between data producers and data consumers.

The project was also to monitor social atmosphere, build an online platform to inform citizens and to use the rich research that had been carried out to inform citizens and engage Ghanaians.

Disclosing this to the media, he said that the activities for the project were to organize offline engagement, to use technological roles of CSOs and media to continue gathering data and to make it accessible.

He also mentioned offering training skills of the use of the platform, social media, data visualization techniques, effective reporting/writing, storytelling and presentation of information as part of the activities.

Source: GNA


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