Blakk Rasta Blakk Rasta is counseling organizers of the annual Ghana Music Awards, Charter House, that if winning the Raggae Song of the Year was a bribe then “they’ve made the biggest mistake that they could ever make.”

There has been bad blood between the reggae musician/host of Taxi Driver on Hitz 103.7, and organizers of the awards Charter House, after the musician unleashed a series of criticisms and name-calling for what he said were unfair and biased nominations released for previous awards.

Speaking in an interview with, days after his song, Miss Right was crowned Reggae Song of the Year at the 13th edition of the Ghana Music Awards, Blakk Rasta said his criticisms soured an already fragile relationship with the events organizing outfit.

He recounted that,

“I talked about Charter House in 2008 and from that time they have never nominated me, they actually banned me. They sent press releases out there saying that they had banned me.

“I was waiting to find out when the ban was going to end so I never submitted anything for nomination from 2008. I criticized Charter House twice when they nominated,” outdated songs in the 2010 awards “like the song [Mama Africa] of Black Prophet,” and “Samini’s Baby” which was a calypso but nominated for the Reggae song of the Year.

He said those songs were later removed from that year’s awards.

“I was nominated for Reggae song of the Year and I felt that I had the biggest song in Africa then, not Ghana. It was Barack Obama which was on CNN, Aljazeera, and all the major networks and for the first time a Ghanaian artiste was mentioned in the New York Times.”

“The song was so huge they decided to give us a nomination for only Reggae song of the Year”, he said, adding that he felt that song also deserved nominations for Song of the Year, Artiste of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Because of those criticisms, he alleged, he “was banned. They knew that I was going to win so they decided to ban me because of the criticisms.” Several years down the line, he has no qualms against his nomination this year, disclosing he did not submit the song for the awards. He was rather approached by the organizers due to public recommendations.

“For me it [the award] was well deserving, they realized that they couldn’t do away [with me]. I’m sure Charter House regretted for not nominating Barack Obama as the Song of the Year … because the kind of rave reviews we had that year, the song that was picked as the song of the year never tasted an iota of those reviews that we had internationally and even at home. It was the biggest song we had in this country and Africa for a very long time.”

He said this year’s awards was almost free-and-fair, stressing he was not bribed to keep his mouth shut. “Blakk Rasta is ‘unbribable’,” he indicated, warning Charter House that he “will criticize if I have to.”

Source : myjoynoline


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