Research In Motion (RIM) launched Mobile Fusion, an Enterprise Mobile Device Management solution on April3, 2012. This platform helps to manage and organize mobile devices easily, efficiently and in a more organized manner. It is a cross-platform tool that enables IT managers to effectively manage Blackberry smartphones, Blackberry Playbook Tablet, iOS and Android based mobile devices. Blackberry promises it to be a secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient solution for enterprise mobility. Mobile Fusion includes the Universal Device Service that offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) for devices running on different operating system.

Beneficial Features of BB Mobile Fusion –

Single Interface: It helps to manage devices, users, configurations, and policies from a single place. It is considered to be the perfect end-to-end mobile solution. It facilitates the administrators to perform common management tasks for MDM across multiple Blackberry domains.Work Applications: It helps to manage necessary and optional work applications. Mobile Fusion incorporates Blackberry Enterprise Server. It facilitates to support over-the air installation, upgrading and auditing applications for Blackberry devices. Managers can make a catalog of optional applications which can be downloaded from Blackberry App World.Supports Blackberry Balance technology: Blackberry devices can be used for personal or work requirements retaining its management and security settings. When playbook tablet is activated with Mobile Fusion, a safe encrypted file is created for work information and applications. This creates a kind of a boundary between personal and work related data. Thus it keeps the information highly secure.Policies and Settings for Blackberry Playbook Tablet: Mobile Fusion easily integrates with Blackberry Device Service. This helps organizations to manage and organize Blackberry Playbook Tablets. The Tablet can be associated with an individual user and can be configured for work requirements. It allows IT managers to control all the aspects of the Playbook Tablet such as password settings, encryption of work data, lock tablets, etc.Security Settings: Security of stored data is of utmost importance. This is exactly what Mobile Fusion promises. It provides added protection for email, contacts and calendar information. This ensures that highly confidential information does not fall into wrong hands. This feature also extends to devices running on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.The iOS and Android based devices will require the Mobile Fusion Client app which is available as a free download from their app store. It provides comprehensive mobile device management capabilities for devices.

Blackberry’s Mobile Fusion provides ample options and flexibility to IT managers without having to compromise with management functions. With the amazing features it offers, Blackberry’s Mobile Fusion is worth the try! RIM offers a 60 day free trial to try and test the new technology. It will be priced by the number of devices being managed from the platform.

With this launch, enterprises will finally have the ability to control the chaos that is present in many organizations that are using mobility techniques for their work processes.

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