Winning bonus for Black Stars to be unchanged

Winning bonus for Black Stars to be unchanged

The Government of Ghana has rejected a recommendation from the Presidential Commission to fix the winning bonus of the Black Stars at a flat amount of US$5,000.

This recommendation was contained in the reports of the Presidential Commission that probed into Ghana?s disastrous campaign at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The three-member commission has recommended that the ever-soaring winning bonus of the national senior male national team is pegged at $5000.

This payment is made to each player of the Black Stars squad for national assignments for rewarding high performance which leads to winning football matches.

But government in issuing a white paper over the report of the Commission has rejected this recommendation ? insisting it wants the issue of winning bonuses for the Black Stars to remain ?flexible?.

?Government does not accept the recommendation under ?Negotiation of Amount? that ?The amount to be paid for winning bonus for the Black Stars should be fixed at US$5,000,? the White Paper released by Attorney General Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong on Thursday read.

?Firstly, it is inconsistent for the Commission to title the recommendation as ?Negotiation for the Amount?, and yet to fix it rigidly at US$5,000. Secondly, the Commission?s recommendation has the effect of freezing the winning bonus at US$5,000 in perpetuity.

?Government is of the view that it should be possible to introduce an element of flexibility into the fixing of the winning bonuses, including the possibility of negotiating it on a ?per match? basis.

?It should be possible, for example, for the winning bonus for a win against Brazil to be higher than a win against a weaker football nation.?

The decision by government thus means the status quo of how the winning bonus for the Black Stars is arrived at will be maintained.

The Black Stars are reportedly paid an amount of US$10,000 for winning matches in contemporary times.


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